Donald Trump was the favourite of 31 per cent of Republicans in a rolling poll in the five days ended on Friday. Photograph: Randall Hill/Reuters

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s support among Republicans has dropped 12 points in less than a week, marking the property mogul’s bigg(...)

Attempts within Republicanism to mount an anti-Trump campaign appear unlikely to succeed - the party has been hijacked by its own members. REUTERS/Randall Hill

Stephen Colbert, host of the US’s Late Show, a mix of chat and satire, the other night warned his audience that Donald Trump might actually w(...)

In a speech on Tuesday in South Carolina Trump  gestured in a jerky fashion as if imitating Mr Kovaleski’s movements. Photograph: CNN/Screenshot

Donald Trump denied that he mocked a reporter with a disability in a speech, despite appearing to imitate mannerisms of the “poor guy” and ma(...)

Donald Trump has been criticised after apparently mimicking a reporter’s physical disability at a rally on Tuesday. Photograph: CNN/Screenshot

An advocacy group has offered Donald Trump sensitivity training to help him better understand people with disabilities after he appeared to moc(...)

Donald Trump: criticised in tweets by Democratic mayor of New Jersey and Republican former governor of New York.   Photograph: Erik S Lesser/EPA

Businessman Donald Trump, the poll leader in the race to be Republican presidential nominee, has drawn fire again by claiming that “thousands and t(...)

Electricity storage has until recently been prohibitively expensive, but its emergence at an economically viable cost will enable increased use of wind and solar power

The cost of batteries is falling to the point that they are becoming an increasingly viable option for uses such as supporting the stability of power (...)

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Tennessee that he would “build a big, beautiful safe zone” inside Syria where people could find refuge.  Photograph: Wade Payne/AP

More than half of America’s states are refusing to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks as Republican presidential contenders propo(...)

Final year medical student Maeve (28) moved with her family from Clonmel, Tipperary to the United States aged three for her father, Pat’s work. (...)

Donald Trump: Republican presidential candidate  blamed US politicians for poor tax policy. Photograph: AP

The practice of “corporate inversions” – US companies buying overseas businesses to avail of lower tax rates such as in Ireland – has sparked politica(...)

Retired California Highway Patrol sergeant Kevin Briggs at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Photograph: Simon Carswell

Light Pole 69 stands in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, that stately reddish-orange feat of engineering at the mouth of San Francisco Bay. It is(...)