“A daughter is a precious thing.” Micheal Chanda with his wife, Anna Barbu; and their daughter, Lina. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Micheal Chanda: arrived from Zambia, 2013 Micheal Chanda and his identical twin brother, John, never left one another’s side during the two years (...)

Neville Isdell: “I had thought about buying something in my homeland, but this wasn’t an emotional decision. Now is the right time to buy in Ireland.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Neville Isdell, the former chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola and the owner of the CHQ building in Dublin, leans on his walking stick, looks le(...)

Dublin-born Brendan Donohoe spent almost his entire working life in airline administration, at home and abroad. The eldest of Bridget and Mattie Donoh(...)

Lusaka home from home: Fr Prof Michael Kelly (right) with former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda and Dr Charlotte Scott (wife of the current deputy president) at the Irish Ambassador's St Patrick's Day party earlier this month

Unlikely as it might seem, on the surface, Lusaka is a home from home for Fr Prof Michael Kelly. Born almost 84 years ago in Co Offaly, he grew up (...)

Most Zambians are sympathetically disposed towards former president Kenneth Kaunda – the man who led them to independence. Photograph:  Tony Karumba/Getty Images

It was a long way to Tipperary then, and it still is. Even so, when Kenneth Kaunda led Zambia to independence in 1964, it was from Tipperary that h(...)