Women from the Tikondane and Mulindiyani savings and loan group in Malawi. Photograph: Bill Corcoran

The women of the Tikondane and Mulindiyani savings and loans group burst into song as our vehicle pulls into their village, a collection of huts and m(...)

Dorcus Jussab. Photograph: Sally Hayden

International attention turned to Malawi in April 2012 when President Joyce Banda came to power. Only the second woman head of state in Africa, she wa(...)

Two friends chat in a street in Blantyre. Malawians who work in the cities, where the middle classes are more likely to be found, are primarily engaged in local government, wholesale and retail marketing, social and community services, construction, transport, finance and business.

Lilongwe, the Malawian capital, is still waiting for its middle class to emerge.Home to the halls of political and administrative power, it has the ty(...)

President of Malawi Joyce Banda:  her  handling of the scandal has damaged her reputation. Photograph:  Andrew Cowie/Getty Images

The optimists believe Malawi’s so-called “Cashgate” scandal might herald a new beginning, a new democratic dispensation that would end the corruption (...)