Zhou Yongkang: a former oil boss and security tsar who amassed power, he has been at the centre of investigations since July last year. Experts say the inquiry is driven by internal politics not justice. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

At a building site in Changsha, in Hunan province, not far from where Communist China’s founding father Mao Zedong comes from, a series of 33 carto(...)

Firefighters and policemen work next to a burnt-out bus after an explosion and a fire following a crash on the Hukun (Shanghai to Kunming) highway in Shaoyang, Hunan province today. At least 38 people were killed. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters.

At least 38 people were killed in a collision between a bus and a van carrying flammable liquids in southern China, state media reported today, the l(...)

China’s Supreme Court said the crimes of two men found guilty of raping a woman and forcing her into prostitution  were not serious enough to warrant the death sentence. Photograph:  STR/AFP/Getty Images

China’s Supreme Court has annulled the death sentence for two men found guilty of raping and forcing into prostitution the daughter of Tang Hui, who (...)

The 10-month investigation into the three billion yuan (€350 million) worth of suspicious travel and meeting expenses and trade in sexual favours at GlaxoSmithKline is the highest-profile international case since the Chinese government launched its massive crackdown on corruption. Photograph: AP

Chinese police have charged the British former head of drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline’s China business and other senior colleagues with corruption, after a(...)

A shop selling wigs and headscarves on Jiatong Street, known locally as Cancer Street, in Changsha, in Hunan province. Photograph: Clifford Coonan

In Changsha, a narrow street threads its way between the scrubby fields behind the giant grey Hunan Provincial Tumour Hospital and the equally drab Hu(...)

In China, attention is turning to the main holiday of the year the lunar new year, which this year in Chinese zodiac terms is the Year of the Horse, a(...)

Tang Ruiren, the great-aunt of Mao Zedong, poses in front of a photograph of her family. “Everybody learns Mao’s ideology,” she says. “The situation changes continuously, but socialism keeps moving forward.”

Grandma Tang Ruiren is gearing up for a major celebration to mark the 120th anniversary of chairman Mao Zedong’s birth in his hometown of Shaoshan on (...)

Nineteen primary school children in China have been hospitalised after drinking yoghurt said to be laced with rat poison and herbicide

Nineteen primary school children in China have been hospitalised after drinking yoghurt said to be laced with rat poison and herbicide, the Xinhua sta(...)

China is easily dismissed as a laggard when it comes to innovation, but now a university in central China has come up with the world’s fastest superco(...)

A worker in protective clothing prepares to haul away dead pigs pulled from a river along Zhonglian village of Jinshan district in Shanghai. The number of dead pigs found in the Shanghai river that provides drinking water to the Chinese financial hub has risen to almost 15,000. Photograph: AP

CLIFFORD COONAN Nearly two weeks after officials began pulling pig carcasses out of the Huangpu, t(...)