The giraffe calf stands at 1.5m tall and weighs an estimated 45kg. Photograph: Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo has announced the birth of its newest resident after a male Rothschild giraffe came into the world on Sunday, October 25th. The calf stand(...)

Dublin Zoo: ‘Would you like to be isolated from your friends and family? No way.’ Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

IFSC car park, Dublin “The car park that time, good taste and practicality forgot; awkward on just about every level .” Read the original here (...)

Dublin Zoo has asked for the public’s assistance in naming their newest Asian lion cub.

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a female Asian lion, a significant development in the international breeding programme for the endangered sp(...)

Dublin Zoo has announced the birth of a common or plains zebra foal. Photograph: Patrick Bolger

Dublin Zoo has welcomed its first zebra birth in 23 years, saying the new arrival and her mother are “doing brilliantly”. First-time mother Wiesje gav(...)

Pets’ Corner, you say? Shouldn’t that be Kids’ Corner? The young goat in our photograph, taken at Dublin Zoo in the summer of 1955, has obviously deci(...)

Asian elephant Yasmin at Dublin Zoo is due to deliver a calf any day now. Staff dig up sand mounds which she leans against to get more comfortable while sleeping.

There is nothing like a newborn to make a person smile, particularly if they weigh in at 100kg and are nearly a metre tall. Just such an arrival is du(...)

This baby giraffe born last week already measures 1.7m  and weighs about 70kg. Photograph: Patrick Butler Photography

There is a baby boom under way at Dublin Zoo, with a baby giraffe arriving last week and an elephant calf expected within the next day or two. The Ind(...)