Caitlin Vennard and Cormac McGrady at Yosemite National Park in California in 2012. McGrady is now unable to visit his American wife’s family in the US because he is banned from the country.

What started for Caitlin Vennard and her husband Cormac McGrady as late-night fun on a beach holiday ended with his deportation from the US, after thr(...)

 Emergency personnel man a barricade near the wreckage of an Amtrak passenger train carrying more than 200 passengers from Washington, DC to New York that derailed  in north Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At least five people were killed and more than 50 others were injured in the crash. Photograph: Mark Makela/Getty Images 1:00

The train that crashed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night having derailed on a bend, killing at least seven people, was travelling at 106 miles per hour(...)

Demonstrators lie on the street street to block traffic during a protest in Baltimore, Maryland against the death Freddie Gray in police custody. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP Photo/Getty Images 1:06

US police in Delaware have released video from a 2013 incident showing a black suspect being kicked in the face by a white officer who has been charge(...)

Seán Quinn jnr and his sister Colette Quinn. Photograph: David Sleator.

A judge will rule later on an application by members of the family of Seán Quinn for orders permitting them to cross-examine Irish Bank Resolution (...)

US vice president Joe Biden was not at home at the time. Photograph: Mandel Nganmandel NGAN/AFP/Getty

Multiple gunshots were fired from a vehicle near the Delaware home of US vice president Joe Biden last night, the secret service said.The vice preside(...)

US secretary of state John Kerry, who defended the absence of a high-ranking American leader. Photograph: Rick Wilking/AFP/Getty Images

The Obama White House made the rare move of admitting a mistake by saying that it should have sent a senior leader to join with the heads of 40 count(...)

Elton John at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas: Caesars Entertainment last month announced an agreement  to  cut its debt to $8.6bn from about $18.4bn. Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lower-ranking creditors of Caesars Entertainment moved to force the casino company’s main operating unit into bankruptcy in an attempt to block a plan(...)

Affable US vice-president Joe Biden sweet-talked wives, cooed at children and kissed daughters. “I like kids better than people,” he was heard to say. Photograph: Reuters

Joe Biden has a mouth that can sometimes land him in hot water, but the jocular US vice-president came into his own at the Senate ceremonial swearing-(...)

Bryan Stevenson founded the Equal Justice Initiative after recognising the need for an legal representation for death row prisoners in Alabama

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of racial injustice in America’s deep south in the 1930s, was set in a fictionalised (...)

Members of the family of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn (above) want court orders permitting them cross-examine Irish Bank Resolution Corporation special liquidator Kieran Wallace regarding claims they may be hiding up to €500 million in undisclosed assets from the bank.

Members of the family of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn want court orders permitting them cross-examine Irish Bank Resolution Corporation special liq(...)