A  picture released by the Thai Royal Police  shows a sketch picture of a man suspected of planting a bomb near the Erawan Shrine, in Bangkok. Photograph: EPA

Police hunting for the perpetrators of Thailand’s deadliest bombing arrested a suspect on Saturday that they said fitted the description of a man see(...)

Thai soldiers inspect the scene after a bomb exploded outside the Erawana shrine in central Bangkok

The bomb that devastated the Erawan shrine in downtown Bangkok recently can be expected to have an effect on an economy previously seen as almost invu(...)

An image released by the Royal Thai Police shows a sketch of the main suspect in Monday’s bomb attack in central Bangkok, Thailand,

Thai authorities have tripled to $85,000 a reward for information leading to the arrest of the main suspect in the country’s worst ever bombing. The (...)

Bomb-damaged Brahma statue at the Erawan shrine in central Bangkok. Photograph: Jerome Taylor/AFP/Getty Images

Thai officials say this week’s Bangkok shrine bombing was likely planned by at least 10 people, including some foreigners, but is not believed to have(...)

The Erawan shrine: Thai police said they believed at least 10 plotters were involved in the bombing. Photograph: Reuters 0:51

Thailand’s military government said Thursday that the deadly bombing of a Bangkok shrine this week was “unlikely” to be connected to international ter(...)

An image released by the Royal Thai Police  shows a sketch of the main suspect in Monday’s deadly blast. Reuters/Royal Thai Police

Thai police have issued an identikit sketch of a man described as a foreigner in connection with the Erawan shrine bombing in Bangkok that killed 20(...)

An image released by the Royal Thai Police on August 19th, 2015, shows a sketch of the main suspect in Monday’s deadly blast, in central Bangkok, Thailand. Photograph: Royal Thai Police 0:51

Thai police on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for an individual they described as a “foreign man”, in connection with a bomb blast in Bangkok that(...)

Thai police at work after a second bomb was thrown at Sathorn pier in the city yesterday. No one was hurt. Photograph: Diego Azubel/EPA

After Monday’s bombing at the Erawan shrine at the Ratchaprasong intersection in Bangkok’s heart, Thais are asking themselves if it was a result of(...)

An image released by Thai police shows a man wearing a yellow T-shirt near the Erawan Shrine before the  explosion occurred on Monday in Bangkok. Photograph: Royal Thai Police via AP 0:51

The focus of the investigation into Monday’s bombing of Bangkok’s Erawan shrine, which killed 22 people and injured 123, has turned to video footage (...)

A woman in central Bangkok offers a prayer for the victims after the bombing on Monday. Photograph: Ritchie B Tongo/EPA

Irish expatriates in Thailand are worried about what happens next after the deadly bombing that killed 22 people and injured 123 in downtown Bangko(...)