Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election in Turkey was, with 52 per cent of the vote, a little less emphatic than the polls ha(...)

Turkey’s prime minister and presidential candidate Tayyip Erdogan poses with representatives of nomadic Turkish groups in Ankara. Some observershave accused him of engaging in anti-Jewish rhetoric in the run-up to Sunday’s presidential election. Photograph: Reuters

A walk through Istanbul’s touristy Galata neighbourhood reveals churches, mosques and no fewer than three synagogues. Under the shadow of the G(...)

An Israeli mobile artillery unit firing towards the Gaza Strip yesterday. Photograph: Baz Ratner/Reuters

Qatar and Turkey continue to play a role in the search for a ceasefire in Gaza, despite yesterday’s breakdown just a few hours into what was to have b(...)

Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves to members of ruling AKP party. Photograph: Umit Bektas/EPA

Tayyip Erdogan today declared his candidacy for a more powerful presidency which rivals fear may entrench authoritarian rule but supporters, esp(...)

Members of the Bin Ti Mohammed family, Syrian refugees who fled Aleppo, at their home in Gaziantep, Turkey. Photograph: EPA/Sedat Suna

The air at Tarboush restaurant in Istanbul is thick with Syrian Arabic. Every day, dozens of families and couples displaced by the war come for a s(...)

Turkey’s prime minister Tayyip Erdogan welcomes Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani before a meeting at Mr Erdogan’s office in Ankara on Monday. Umit Bektas/Reuters

President Hassan Rouhani, whose country’s relations with Turkey have been strained by the Syrian civil war, said in Ankara yesterday that Iran would m(...)

Relatives mourn during the funeral for the victims of a mining disaster in Soma, Turkey.   Rescuers are still trying to reach parts of the coal mine in Soma, 480 km southwest of Istanbul.  Photograph:  Ahmet Sik/Getty Images

The operator of the Turkish mine where 284 workers were killed this week in Turkey‘s worst ever mining disaster said today there was no negligence on (...)

 Relatives mourn during the funeral for the victims of a mining disaster. Photograph: Ahmet Sik/Getty Images

Loudspeakers broadcast the names of the dead as rows of graves were filled in this close-knit Turkish mining town today, while thousands protested in(...)

An injured miner is carried to an ambulance after being rescued this morning from a coal mine he was in trapped in, in Soma, a district in Turkey’s western province of Manisa. Photograph: Emre Tazegul/Reuters 2:01

Hopes faded of finding more survivors in a coal mine in western Turkey today, where 245 workers were confirmed killed and 120 more still feared to be (...)

Lake Van: there is a train from Tehran to Ankara, in Turkey, the Trans Asia Express which takes two nights and includes a crossing of Lake Van. Photograph: Thinkstock

How would I travel from Kuwait to Cork, avoiding planes, and using ferries, trains and buses? I’m working in Kuwait and hoping to travel in late May. (...)