The scene at Dugort, Achill, where 82-year-old Roger Grainger (inset) died when his car left the road amid flooding

An 81-year-old clergyman and actor drowned in a flood last weekend as a result of a “freak” combination of torrential rain and a high tide, an inquest(...)

‘It’s very sad because there are no names on the graves, no flowers, nothing.’ Above, a René Böll photograph of cillíní

Something better than death I did not find During my visit to this earth My eternal sleep Already it started Within you, mother(...)

Achill Island, Co Mayo

A driver had a lucky escape yesterday when she was rescued from a car which crashed into a river on Achill Island. Shortly before noon yesterday Achil(...)

Storme Toolis: “Being in a wheelchair defines who I am now and I fully embrace it. It made me more determined to succeed.”

A 20-year-old actor whose family is from Achill Island in Mayo has landed a main role in BBC TV’s New Tricks drama series and is making her first appe(...)