Stephen Kelly: “Our studio’s focus is on creating entertainment brands across multiple media platforms, such as mobile games, online videos and TV.”

Studio Powwow is a games and animation studio set up in late 2012 by Stephen Kelly, Eoghan Dalton and Richard Glynn in response to the changing viewin(...)

A video clip of a mother being reunited with her daughter after three years on The Late Late Show has been watched almost 1 million times.

One of the aftershocks of the economic collapse was the return to high levels of emigration, with more than 200,000 Irish-born people leaving the c(...)

Senator Lorraine Higgins at Pearse Street Garda Station on Tuesday. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins says she believes the person who sent her a death threat is “a right-wing nationalist or a dissident republican”. She (...)

Differences in culture, business approach and regulation may put many people off the possibility of growing into places such as Africa but that doesn’t mean there aren’t major opportunities there

Terms such as “tech start-up” and “developing world” are not frequently heard in the same sentence. Irish companies looking to go big usually aim for (...)

The plan, to raise about €4 billion from listing a 40 per cent stake in Poste Italiane on the Milan stock exchange in October, is the main plank of prime minister Matteo Renzi’s stalled drive to sell off state assets. Photograph: Alberto Pizzoli

Italy will fire the starting gun on the flotation of its 153- year-old national post office in early August, kicking off a widely anticipated €12 bill(...)

‘When I started I thought I would get 100 subscribers. That was the goal,” says Alfie Deyes, the man behind the YouTube channel Pointless Blog. “I (...)

Today FM presenters Dermot Whelan, Dave Moore, Matt Cooper, Louise Duffy, Neil Delamere and Anton Savage who took part in its Google Street View-themed promotion “You Do the Maps”.

For Today FM, it was designed to promote listening across its daytime schedule. For Google, it was a way to collaborate with a company that is both a (...)

Dublin-based tech start-up Vidiro co-founders Simon Factor and Kevin Magee
New Innovators: Vidiro

Having paid for online advertising campaigns, the last thing companies want is web-surfers hitting the “skip” button instead of viewing their ads. (...)

For advertisers, time is money in a quite fundamental way. Brands buy time from broadcast and online media owners, and they do so in standardised chunks

The concept of finite time is something with which we all must grapple in life, whether you’re stuck in a sealed editing suite whittling down the worl(...)

Love/Hate:  great Irish TV series

A new technology and television conference has been announced for Dublin that will play host to some of the top names in the industry. MediaCon will (...)