Former Waterford Crystal workers protest outside Leinster House, calling on the government to protect the workers’ pension entitlements. Photograph: Eric Luke

The changes to the rules around how defined-benefit schemes are wound up may well prove to be a case of too little, too late but they are welcome none(...)

 Former Waterford Crystal workers, at the UNITE rally outside Leinster House, calling on the government to protect the workers’ pension entitlements.Legislation is a welcome and long overdue effort  by State but will no doubt face legal challenges

Over four years after Waterford Crystal closed its doors, leaving its workers without a job or most of their pension benefits, the Government finally (...)

 The sharp dividing line between pension benefits accrued before the end of this year and those coming later has created a monster in terms of calculations which will ensure the healthy fee income of pension advisers for years to come. Photograph: Getty Images

Hitting pensions in the budget was not unexpected. But the Government still drew fire over its new levy, and for the complex way in which it is adjust(...)

Minister has  reduced the standard fund threshold (the maximum permitted size of one’s pension fund for tax relief purposes)to ¤2 million from its previous level of ¤2.3 million.

The Government has stood by its pledge to end the 0.6 per cent levy on pension funds at the scheduled end of the four-year term next year - but first (...)

Staff member  Siobhan Hayes vacuums the Waterford Crystal visitors’ centre as workers hold a meeting during a sit-in in 2009. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Less than half a decade since it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, the former Waterford Crystal factory is now being ra(...)

Labour’s Derek Nolan described the costs associated with the abandoned decentralisation of the Fás headquarters in Co Offaly as “an incredible waste of money for no benefit”.

The write-off of €1.1 million on a temporary Fás office and a site purchased by the agency for €1.5 million – now on sale for a tenth of that amount –(...)