Linda and Dan Kiely, Voxpro.

Three couples talk about the ups and downs of starting businesses together. Dan and Linda Kiely Voxpro Dan and Linda Kiely were a couple long b(...)

The company, which was established 15 years ago by husband and wife team Dan and Linda Kiely with just six staff members, is now a leading exporter of business process outsourcing, operating in 12 languages.

Three hundred and fifty jobs have been announced at the business outsourcing company Voxpro in Cork today, expanding its workforce from 500 to 850 peo(...)

A specially chartered train will today bring more than 180 entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Cork to the RDS for the Dublin Web Summit.The tr(...)

Cork-based Voxpro is a multilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) company. It delivers customer contact services and multilingual technical suppo(...)