Pope Francis says he intends to travel to Africa once and to Latin America three times next year. Photograph: L’Osservatore Romano/EPA

Pope Francis has said he would like to “open the doors” to the divorced and remarried, saying they must be “integrated” into Church life.“In the case (...)

Planet Business

Image of the week: Plan Bee In classic “rather him than us” mode, beekeeper Robert Harvey is seen heresurrounded by Italian honey bees as he tr(...)

Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, the new president of the Institute for Religious Works, or Vatican Bank, during a press conference in Rome yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Angelo Carconi

It was halfway through yesterday’s presentation of the New Economic Framework For The Holy See when the packed hall of journalists began to laugh. (...)

Institute of Religious Works president Ernst von Freyburg (above) is to be replaced by Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, who already works with with the Vatican’s Council for the Economy. Photograph: EPA/Alessandro di Meo

The reform process Pope Francis has prompted at the controversial Vatican bank IOR is about to move on to “phase II”.Francis is about to replace the b(...)

Pope Francis  had implied he would consider all options for the Vatican Bank, ranging from radical reform through to outright closure. Photograph: Tony Gentile/Reuters

The Vatican confirmed yesterday that Pope Francis has formally approved the ongoing reform process at the Vatican Bank, IOR, effectively ending(...)

The Vatican Bank. From day one it was clear Pope Francis was no friend of deregulated capitalism, let alone murky financial speculation.  Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

As tourists walk past the Porta Sant’Anna in Rome, just off St Peter’s Square, few pay much attention to the strange-looking, rounded tower that sits (...)

Pope Francis leads the prayer to celebrate the Immaculate Conception in Piazza di Spagna in Rome yesterday. Since his election last March, the pope has tried to instigate a “clean-up” and a restructuring of the finances of the Holy See and the Vatican City state. Photograph: Reuters/Tony Gentile

Are Italian finance police about to set up a checkpoint outside the Vatican’s Porta Santa Anna gate to stop people who have visited the Vatican Bank, (...)

Pope Francis  at  St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican yesterday.  The investigator says  the pope has asked his  council of cardinals to overhaul the entire structure of the Vatican, including a review of the its economic affairs.  Photograph: Tony Gentile/Reuters

At first glance it sounds like a cliche any aspiring Dan Brown might concoct, that Pope Francis’s reforming zeal may have made him a target of the ’Nd(...)

Peter Sutherland:  will be involved in implementing any proposed reforms

Former attorney general Peter Sutherland will play a role in the ongoing process of curia reform instigated by Pope Francis.As a “consultor” to the Ad(...)

Pope Francis has said he wants his priests to become “pastors, not clergy acting like bureaucrats or government officials”. Photograph: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

Two days after a groundbreaking interview which many believe represents a break with 35 years of doctrinal intransigence from his predecessors, John P(...)