Volkswagen chief Matthias Mueller, speaks during a news conference in Germany on Thursday  Photograph: Bloomberg

Volkswagen has tentatively admitted that it may have to sell off some of its existing assets in order to be able to meet the costs of dealing with its(...)

Almost 600,000 cars on US roads are powered by engines rigged to appear to emit less nitrogen oxide than they do. Photograph: EPA

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest carmaker, hopes to avoid a US court battle on Thursday by offering US drivers of its manipulated diesel cars a free fix a(...)

I can only blame for this a misspent youth in west Cork. Not in snooker halls (there was only one), nor public bars (plenty of those but I was never m(...)

It is unlikely you have ever heard of Ulrich Hackenberg. Google his name and the first two pages on Audi’s former technical director relate to his ret(...)

Brand under pressure: the Volkswagen emblem. Photograph: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Volkswagen Group is recalling more than 430 high-end SUVs in Ireland as part of a global recall of about 800,000 vehicles because of potential problem(...)

Matthias Müller, chief executive of Volkswagen: he dropped a bombshell at January’s Detroit motor show by claiming Volkswagen did not lie. Photograph: Getty Images

You get the feeling Volkswagen Group wishes the rest of the world just left it alone while it soul-searched its way out of its self-made emissions cri(...)

Last year, Volkswagen advertised for a dealer for the south Dublin area after MSL decided not to renew its dealer contract. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Motor dealer Frank Keane is set to take sole control of Volkswagen sales and service operations in south Dublin, replacing the firm that originally br(...)

Luca de Meo, President of the Seat Executive Committee

Seat, the Spanish car maker long since owned by the Volkswagen Group, has posted its first yearly profit since 2008. The company, with its headquarter(...)

A diagnosis programme being run on a VW Passat TDI at a repair shop in Solingen, Germany.  Photograph: Marius Becker/EPA

Volkswagen finally seems to be feeling the pain of its diesel deception in falling sales. Global sales for the VW brand fell by 4.7 per cent in Februa(...)

In the race to form a government, there may be a few TDs daydreaming about the chance to secure a seat in the ministerial Merc. It has become a cliche(...)