Uber’s business practices have come under scrutiny, with some customers alleging privacy violations, as it has grown rapidly around the world in recent months

Online taxi service Uber, which had a driver was accused of rape in New Delhi, said it was exploring adding new methods to verify drivers’ credentials(...)

 Uber may possibly end up justifying its huge valuation but the same “ubernomics” is being applied across the board, even though many start-ups will not succeed. (Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

The $41 billion valuation for the car-sharing service Uber may or may not be a bubblicious number, but it certainly shows that the venture capital ind(...)

Protesters shout slogans at a candle light vigil on Monday against the rape of a female taxi passenger in New Delhi. Photograph: Anindito Mukherjee/ Reuters

An Indian court sent the Uber taxi driver accused of raping a young passenger to judicial custody for two weeks. The attack in New Delhi led th(...)

Bill Cosby’s alleged victims’ drunkenness should be irrelevant to the case

Malcolm Gladwell calls it “creeping determinism”: the name for that knew-it-all-along feeling you get when you discover that a public figure, who w(...)

Marc Andreessen: coined  phrase “software is eating the world”

Back in 2011, the influential technologist, investor and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen coined a phrase that has proven to be quite the mantra in(...)

Web Summit 2014 opens its doors to the public today

Cisco’s chief technology officer Padmasree Warrior has predicted a future of urban transport where driverless cars will be available on demand and con(...)

Investor Shervin Pishevar speaking at the Web Summit in Dublin last year.

Over a pint in Bruxelles pub on Dublin’s Harry Street, investor Shervin Pishevar won over American entrepreneur Travis Kalanick. Later that night, in (...)

Closing time: there can be a number of reasons why businesses fail, and it’s not always the fault of the entrepreneur

Failure is an option, as long as it comes with a lesson to be learned – that is the advice regularly given to the country’s start-up scene, which is o(...)

Uber’s Jo Bertram: “We believe we need to be using the cars that are already on the road more efficiently.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Uber, the mobile app that connects passengers with private cars for hire, says it has doubled the size of its business in Dublin since it launched its(...)

Remember when most taxis smelled like a mixture of stale cigarettes and ancient pine air freshener? Those were dark times indeed but we’re spoiled now(...)