Twitter: year-on-year revenue growth from large brand advertisers had been “softer than expected”. Photograph:  REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

When Twitter introduced its video advertising product First View in the US earlier this year, it did so with this endorsement from a marketer at 20th (...)

Facebook, which owns Whatsapp, plans to keep investing in its platform over the coming three years. Image: Reuters

It is the latest in a string of positive results that have sent stock higher and erased memories about the initial hiccups following the company’s flo(...)

Twitter reported lower-than-expected revenue for the first quarter, hurt by weaker spending by big advertisers, and the microblogging service provider(...)

€16.99: The Binman’s Guide to Marketing by Oisin Browne

Oisin Browne is a marketer who learned much about doing business by working for the City Bin company. He scored a big hit on Amazon with his best-sell(...)

A US Library of Congress image of Harriet Tubman, shown between 1860 and 1875.

Move over, Andrew Jackson. Abolitionist and women’s rights crusader Harriet Tubman will replace the former US president on the front of the new $20 bi(...)

Prime Minister David Cameron  at the launch of the ‘Brighter Future In’ campaign bus at Exeter University in Devon, after he said he will “make no apology” for spending taxpayers’ money on a pro-EU publicity drive ahead of the referendum on Britain’s future membership.  Photograph: Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

Investors sceptical of low-conviction rally With global equities gaining 15 per cent and Wall Street staging its eighth largest intra- quarter reversa(...)

Trinity College provost Patrick Prendergast. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The provost of Trinity College Dublin is studying a map of the country’s oldest university. “There’s a lot happening, and a lot about to happen,” say(...)

Prof  Patrick Prendergast: “So much of the tech industry is going on here. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb – and it’s all right beside where we have our technology and enterprise centre.” Photograph: The Irish Times

Trinity College Dublin is drawing up plans to expand its campus into the heart of the “silicon docks” area of Dublin populated by Google, Facebook and(...)

The amount of money spent on mobile advertising in Ireland rocketed 78 per cent last year, according to a new study by industry body IAB and accountan(...)

British prime minister David Cameron. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

British public life is made up of people who are steeped in the humanities, ignorant of finance and quietly scared by numbers. From parliament to th(...)