Tableau chief executive and co-founder Christian Chabot

Tableau Software, a Seattle-headquartered firm which develops business intelligence products, has said it hopes to grow its workforce in Ireland to ov(...)

Trend Micro, the cybersecurity firm based in the US, said criminals have developed advanced mobile applications and tools that siphon their victims’ online passwords and contacts to increase the chance that they will pay up

For years, criminals have been tricking people into performing embarrassing sexual acts on the internet, and then blackmailing them with recordings o(...)

Security software firm Trend Micro, which has its European headquarters in Cork, has agreed a three-year deal with Interpol to help support the police(...)

Credit card details and personal information were requested in a scam that has become all too common in recent years on government sites around the world.

In recent months a spate of emails and texts purporting to be from and relating to tax refunds led some less than vigilant people to a webs(...)

Indexeus, a search engine that uses a database of “over 200 million entries” derived from more than 100 recent data breaches, has the potential to rev(...)

Murphy Prototypes has agreed to provide Eurasia Motorsport with a car, engineer and mechanic team to allow it compete in the Le Mans in Asia. Photograph: Murphy Prototypes

Greg Murphy, a Dublin-based endurance motor racing entrepreneur, has struck a deal to supply a team in the Asian Le Mans series. Mr Murphy’s en(...)

Under attack: the Koler.A mobile malware locks a device preventing users from accessing their data, apps and services until they pay a ‘fine’ to the cybercriminals on the other end of the device

Blackphone chief executive Toby Weir-Jones is blunt. “We’re lucky that in this go-around it’s pretty amateur and crude,” he says. Looking at reports f(...)

Dervla Mannion, VP European Operations Centre Trend Micro, with Ronan Murphy, CEO of, at the launch of the European Technology Summit which will take place in Cork tomorrow

A European Technology Summit taking place in Cork tomorrow aims to highlight some of the best businesses in the Irish and European tech sectors. The c(...)

Nearly 11 per cent of 600 Irish websites scanned by Trend Micro  were vulnerable to attack by the Heartbleed bug. Photograph: James Best jnr/The New York Times

Several well-known Irish websites are vulnerable to attack by the Heartbleed bug, according to Cork-based sof(...)

Robert McArdle of Trend Micro in Cork: “[The FBI] had a case in place already but it was the intelligence we provided that helped get it over the line.” photograph: daragh mcsweeney/provision

“It’s similar to how you dismantle drug operations,” says Trend Micro’s Robert McArdle. “It’s best to start from the top.” The Cork-based(...)