Sandals from New Look, priced €29.99 – it also comes in black, lavender and blush pink.

Q I really like the 1970s look, which is supposed to be big this spring, especially platform sandals, but I’m afraid they’ll look a bit ridiculous (...)

Since 2006, Heather Finn has been mixing crochet, hand knitting and felting with machine knitting to create her own distinctive style of designer knit(...)

MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny – around €17 million for a  50 per cent stake in the core arcade as well as full ownership of a number of other shops and offices on site

Six provincial shopping centres, valued before the property crash at €400 to €450 million are to be offered for sale in one lot at over €115 million.(...)

‘It seems that you need to spend purely for the sake of spending, and that is just unhealthy. Put down the credit card.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Q Christmas is over and the sales are almost over. I really want to get started buying clothes for spring and summer now, but there’s nothing summe(...)

A roaring fire, eating Roses from the tin and shopping online: what could be better? Photograph: Thinkstock

Q While most people are planning to spend the festive season in the pub, I’m going to be sitting on the sofa, alone, in front of a roaring fire, ea(...)

‘The temptation is to wear teeteringly high heels to declare your new status as an almost-adult, but this is foolish.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Q Every year I get to pick out a Christmas day outfit and wear it while making visits with my family. This year, I’m going out for New Year’s Eve t(...)

Bet Lynch: you can print that

Q I love leopard print but I’m afraid that wearing it will make me look like Bet Lynch, the woman of my childhood nightmares. Help. Mary, Wexf(...)

Blouse, €250, Love Moschino, Gilet, €149, Sisley, Arnotts 2:51

The cats – Maine Coons and British Shorthairs – are real, but the fur is fake in this winter shoot by Anita Sadoswka, styled by Carmel Daly. Fashio(...)

Flower power: the floral tea dress is a universal life-saver
Trending: Floral tea dresses

Considering the weather we’ve been enjoying all over Ireland this week, all trends go out the window and into the washing machine. It is hard to ad(...)

We’re all (well, nearly a million of us) familiar with their characters – Gavin, Trish and Kellie – from the RTÉ series Love/Hate, but for this Christ(...)