Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen (above), speaking in New York,  re-affirmed the Fed’s commitment to keep interest rates low, even after ending its bond buying program, as long as inflation remains under target and unemployment elevated. Photograph Reuters/Larry Downing

Global equity markets advanced broadly yesterday after China reported growth that beat expectations, providing relief to investors worried abo(...)

Based on the Tesco advert and distorting its slogan into ‘Every Little Hurts’, the Labour Party highlighted six cuts and charges that would be imposed on citizens if Fine Gael was in Government.

The row between the Coalition parties over water charges has served as a reminder to Labour of a pre-election stunt that has become a huge emba(...)

Trading has slumped in a number of European markets including Ireland

Tesco boss Philip Clarke vowed to win back shoppers with millions of pounds of price cuts after a second year of falling profits cast doubt on (...)

Tesco’s real problem comes with a German accent. It is struggling to come to terms with the threat posed by Aldi and, to a lesser extent, Lidl. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Tesco’s pre-eminence in the Irish supermarket sector looked to be untouchable in the autumn of 2012. It commanded 28.6 per cent of the market, (...)

Tesco remains the most supermarket, but the new figures covering the 12 weeks up to the end of March, show its market share falling from 27.5 per cent at the end of March last year to its current level of 26 per cent. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

SuperValu continues to close the gap on market-leader Tesco and while its market share has dipped slightly over the last 12 weeks, it is now less t(...)


SUMA ORGANIC CRUNCHY €4.50 for 340g, €13.20 per kg There is clearly a market for organic products that cost the Earth, or else all the nat(...)

Out today: Irish goods exports and imports (Feb)
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TO DAY (...)

April sees a month-long series of events in restaurants and wine shops around the country celebrating “real wine”. The term covers organic, biodyna(...)

The room, laid out with sofas and stools, was full. Some 180 entrepreneurs crowded into the upstairs part of 4 Dame Lane. Asked at registration who(...)

The block containing the two retail premises  is located on the north side of Parnell Street in Dublin, immediately opposite the intersection with Moore Street

A substantial retail building let to Tesco and a bookstore at Parnell Street, Dublin 1, goes on the market to(...)

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