Irish customers concerned over the safety of their airbags are advised to contact their nearest franchised dealer

With rumours swirling of major auto industry executives looking themselves in a Detroit hotel room to thrash out details of how to deal with the ever-(...)

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  Image of the week: Seasonal strike At the Port of Tacoma in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington in the US, a labour dispute h(...)

Millions of cars worldwide are being recalled due to faulty, potentially lethal, airbags.

It’s the case of Hien Tran which most starkly illustrates the serious dangers surrounding the current global recall of cars fitted with airbags made b(...)

Honda, Toyota  and Nissan have recalled at least 3 million vehicles worldwide for defects in airbags. Photo: Reuters

MICHAEL McALEER Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan are recalling over 38,000 cars inIreland as part of a recall involving at least 3 million(...)