Matthew Ogle, senior product developer at Spotify:  streaming firm’s Discover Weekly feature, which provides a personalised “mix tape” in playlist form for each of the company’s 75 million users, generated more than one billion streams in 10 weeks

Music discovery - using algorithims to create recommended playlists for users - is no longer optional for streaming services, Spotify told attendees (...)

YouTube unveils their new paid subscription service at the YouTube Space LA in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, California. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

YouTube is launching a subscription plan in the US this month that will give users unlimited advert-free access, as well as the site’s music streaming(...)

 Apple CEO Tim Cook sketched out his future vision of what cars will look like, with a greater infusion of technology at an event in California.(Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters)

Apple’s new music streaming service has netted more than 6.5 million paid users, the tech giant’s chief executive officer Tim Cook said on Monday. S(...)

Apple Music is “absolutely” a threat to traditional FM radio, according to Today FM’s Colm O’Sullivan, but its advent can be used to radio’s advantage too. “It makes us up our game.”

No single radio station in Ireland is “too powerful” in the eyes of the music business, while radio is still an important medium for industry reven(...)

Bright future: Irish people spend more time with radio than any other medium

“JNLR” are four letters that pain the ears of the Irish radio business. The Joint National Listenership Research figures, a massive rolling survey of (...)

Technology produces plenty of anxieties but it can also be key in alleviating the stress it brings

From the pressure to keep up with social media to the irritating beeps and buzzes of devices, technology produces plenty of anxieties. But it can als(...)

Deezer is set to step up its rivalry with Spotify after it filed for an initial public offering. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Music streaming service Deezer has filed for an initial public offering as it seeks to challenge Spotify and Apple. The French service, which h(...)

Streaming music is wonderful. Being stalked by the provider of said music service is not. While the usual attitude to T&Cs is TL;DR (too long; did(...)

Spotify said recently it now had over 20 million subscribers and more than 75 million active users

Music streaming service Spotify has apologised to users over the introduction of a controversial new privacy policy that has caused consternation amon(...)

Most mothers wouldn’t take too kindly to their children making fun of them on the internet, but Cian Twomey hasn’t given his much of a choice. The 20-(...)