24 Highfield Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Address: 24 Highfield Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14 Agent: Sherry FitzGerald Dundrum Refurbishment and extension has brought this four-bedroom h(...)

“I’ve been interested in design all my life” says Kenneth Jones, as I’m torn between admiring the view across the ornamental pond and lawns to the f(...)

You can just imagine coming home to Kilquade Hill after a busy day at the office: turning off the N11 and letting a sense of calm seep into your an(...)

A bright suburban house has been given a makeover so total that it feels a lot like a newbuild. It has the kind of features many buyers expect in n(...)

Co Kildare is horse country. Backing on to Naas Racecourse, and with views of Punchestown, Kingsfurze House couldn’t be better located. Add to that(...)

In a market that had been rising too rapidly, some agents are reporting lower selling prices because of increased housing stock on the market and longer selling times. Photograph: Frank Miller

For those looking to buy a property in 2015, the process is proving more challenging than it was just six months ago. Following the introduction in Fe(...)

You would expect an artist’s home to be done up with flair, and a certain sense of taste – both stylish and quirky. At Geraldine O’Neil’s house, on (...)

Both Portobello in London and Dublin take their name from the famous capture of Portobello in Panama by British admiral Edward Vernon. He, too, is (...)

Even in pre-Boom times, and before the Luas arrived to improve connections, sites off Brennanstown Road were highly desirable. The owners of Felici(...)

The launch of the first of five houses in the new Manorglen Properties development in Dartry is bound to attract good interest. Not least because of i(...)