Ventilating a bathroom is essential to prevent damp and condensation and it is required under building regulations. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q We have an ongoing issue in a second floor bathroom. When there is a lot of rain (as recently) and presumably when the wind blows in a certain direc(...)

Is there anything a management committee can do to prevent a developer from building on areas they do not own? Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I live in a small apartment complex built in 2008 where the common areas have not yet been transferred to the owners’ management company (OMC). T(...)

Significant health-and-safety concerns and asbestos regulations need to be followed in order to ensure the safe handling and disposal of the asbestos-based materials, and there is legislation governing this.

Q I have recently been asked to look after the property of an elderly neighbour who has been in hospital for some time. The house is an old property t(...)

Insulation between a building’s interior and exterior retains heat generated inside and acts as a barrier to the sun’s warmth

Q I live in a 54-year-old detached house. Recently I got a builder to insulate two outside walls in the dining room by putting batons and insulatio(...)

If a dog is of nuisance to other residents by barking, the owner of the animal is in breach of the governing lease agreement. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My boyfriend and I are currently renting an apartment in a large development in south Dublin. Pets are not allow(...)

The better the standard of insulationin a house, the more the risk of condensation occurring is reduced
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Q We have a 1950s semi-detached house in Dublin 6W. In July 2012, we spent a considerable amount of money on new windows (F/P white PVC) using a reput(...)

The existance of pyrite can put pressure on concrete floors and foundations, resulting in structural damage to a property
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Q We moved into our detached house in north county Dublin about three years ago and everything was fine. However, in the past few months this has chan(...)

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Q I am on the board of the owners’ management company of a development in south county Dublin which recently took control of the common areas from(...)

Flat roofs are regarded as tricky to insulate, but insulation can help increase their lifespan and reduce household bills. photograph: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Getty
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QI have agreed to appoint an estate agent to sell my house. I expected a verbal agreement to be sufficient. However, the agent has told me that in ord(...)

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Q I have a duplex apartment in a development of 12 units. There are no gardens or lifts. My management fees are now €1,800 a year. This is due to the (...)