Passenger space or space passengers? Land Rover wants to provide both...

Not content with merely launching a new vehicle, Land Rover has decided the arrival of the new Discovery Sport warrants the launch of four of its cus(...)

Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, he's a raccoon

You there. Down the back. Sit up straight. You’ll ruin your innards. Last lesson, we were speaking about the Great Anglophone Divide (GAD), and how th(...)

The Range Rover Sport SVR is built for speed

Land Rover has revealed the styling and technical details of its much-hyped fastest car ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR. Shown off under camouflage at(...)

Jaguar Land Rover wants its SVO badge to become as evocative (and as profitable) as Merc’s AMG

Jaguar and Land Rover have confirmed their joint ambition to start chasing the customers of BMW M, Mercedes AMG and Audi RS with the announcment of a (...)

From July, new cars will display the 142 number plate, as we enter into the second year of the new registration system. Perhaps we’ll be used to it(...)

The Range Rover Sport glides over bumps as if they were not there

BMW is seen as the founder of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment – or Sports Activity Vehicle as they prefer to call it. It all began with th(...)

Red carpet royalty: Channing Tatum, Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson all have high-profile films at Cannes

It’s not easy being a teen heartthrob. Every day you have to fight your way past hordes of screaming hormones when going out for hobnobs and Toilet Du(...)

Jeep Cherokee: it has now become mainstream – it is lower, sleeker and has much less of a presence on the road

It wasn’t just a lot of property owners who woke up with a hangover when the crash came. There were plenty of people who found their driveways (...)

Ivor Callely’s political career had ground to a halt long before his conviction in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. But his guilty plea on charge(...)

A Mercedes-Benz GLA compact SUV, produced by Daimler AG, on display at the 65th Frankfurt International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, late last year. Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg 3:23

Better late than never, it seems, as Mercedes-Benz has produced its first-ever front-wheel-drive premium compact SUV, the GLA. In keepin(...)