Up to now, women seeking redress over the PIP scandal have reached an impasse in the Irish legal system, because many of the clinics which fitted their devices have gone out of business.

Thousands of Irish women who were fitted with faulty PIP breast implants could be in line for a €150 million compensation payout from the French court(...)

Jean-Claude Mas (L), founder of French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), leaves court in  Marseille today. Photograph: Reuters

The man who sparked a global health scare by selling faulty breast implants using cheap industrial silicone has been jailed for four years.Jean-Claude(...)

EU’s medical devices directive is one the industry in Ireland is going to keep within its sights over the next few months

The tensions over proposed changes to EU laws on medical devices encapsulate the challenges that face the European Union on a weekly basis as it tries(...)