GM is eyeing a small SUV and a compact car at similar price points to Dacia as part of the move towards the entry-level segment. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

General Motors plans to enter Europe’s entry-level car market with a line of low-cost models as it seeks to claw back market share lost to budget riv(...)

With sales of medium-sized saloons predicted to fall from a recent peak of 800,000 units in western Europe to an all- time low of 500,000 this year, p(...)

The high-tech new 1.0-litre turbo petrol will be key to Corsa’s appeal

“We’re not out to create a line-up of Russian dolls.” That’s the word from Mark Adams, vice president of design at GM Europe, when quizzed about wh(...)

Ford Focus ST: twice the car it once was

Ford has revealed a facelifted version of the high-performance Focus ST model at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It features the same 247hp 2.0-lit(...)

The question here is not whether the Opel Meriva is any good; we’ve driven it before and yes, it is pretty good, and has clever rear doors as a bon(...)

Car designers should take great succour from Google’s self-driving car, particularly the unending sneers and derision from the engineering set. For(...)

From July, new cars will display the 142 number plate, as we enter into the second year of the new registration system. Perhaps we’ll be used to it(...)

Hire power: Rental cars often come back to the market as low-mileage bargains. Photograph:

Sixteen per cent of new cars registered this year have gone to the hire-drive market, a sector dominated by Volkswagen, Nissan and Opel. Of 64,031 car(...)

Ready to rock: Opel’s Adam Rocks at Auto Mobil International 2014, in Leipzig. Photograph: Hendrik Schmidt/EPA

Opel, GM’s European subsidiary, is planning to turn around more than a decade of losses and corporate turmoil by launching 27 models in the next four (...)

The rise in used car prices has meant more buyers are turning to the UK market

The price of a second-hand car has risen by as much as €2,000 in the past four years, according to research carried out by The car his(...)