Peugeot will use the upcoming Paris Motor Show to launch the new 308 GT, a high(ish)- performance version of its popular, award-winning 308 hatchback (...)

The Rocks is an impressive competitor for the Mini, not least in terms of price. It will start at €18,995 and includes an electric folding canvas roof that is better than that fitted to other competitors’s cars.

Since its re-incarnation under BMW, the Mini has had a fairly free run at being the only small car appealing to those who want something unique and di(...)

Opel’s new city car will be called Karl, after one of the three sons of founder Adam Opel.

Opel has announced the name of its new city car, a model that will replace the defunct Agila in the lineup. Following on from the naming of Opel’s Min(...)

As global sales of hybrids continue to rise, there’s no doubting that it’s the Toyota Prius that is still the car most closely associated with the fue(...)

General Motors and other car manufacturers are reducing production due to economic impact of Ukraine conflict. Photograph: Reuters

General Motors, the world’s second-biggest carmaker, is cutting production in Russia as deliveries drop amid a weakening economy stemming from the gov(...)

Opel, which nearly came a cropper in the recession, is celebrating an increase in its pan-European dealer network

Some of the car makers most seriously affected by the economic downturn seem to be making decent strides towards returning to health. Opel, which near(...)

Irish holidaymakers renting cars abroad are being hit with exorbitant excess insurance charges at the collection desk

Irish holidaymakers renting cars abroad are being hit with exorbitant excess insurance charges at the collection desk, an online insurance provider ha(...)

If it were possible to hold sympathy for a major global corporation, I think some of it would be directed at Honda. Here is a huge car maker that p(...)

The Range Rover Sport SVR is built for speed

Land Rover has revealed the styling and technical details of its much-hyped fastest car ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR. Shown off under camouflage at(...)

For years, the National Parents Council has waged an unsuccessful war against voluntary contributions

A dilemma about voluntary school contributions A reader from Dublin contacted us with a problem that will resonate with many parents in the co(...)