New direction: BMW’s next generation of its 4 Series convertible is expected to return to a soft-top

When first launched on the 1995 Mercedes-Benz SLK, the idea of a folding steel roof seemed too obvious and so clever that palms were slapped on forehe(...)

The idea of merging a minibus format of multi-seat rows into a family car originated in France. Renault’s Espace is often named as the first real p(...)

CarPlay: access to data should be about making driving better, not about playing Big Brother

The 2010 Roman Polanski film The Ghost is a political thriller based on the novel by Robert Harris. In the film the satnav in the BMW X5 driven by one(...)

Hyundai is the surprise sales leader in the first 10 days of the new 152 registration plate

Hyundai is the surprise sales leader in the first 10 days of the new 152 registration plate. Provisional figures show 15,203 new cars have been regis(...)

Hyundai had a strong June, keeping ix35 sales on the boil.

For the first time in 2015, car sales dropped in June compared to the same month last year. The fall was relatively slight, from 1,684 cars in June 20(...)

Opel is launching its OnStar in-car connectivity system from September, with prices starting at €99 a year after 12-months free trial

Opel is introducing its new vehicle connectivity system – comprising real-time emergency response, vehicle diagnostics and high speed wifi – to Irish (...)

Jack Charlton with Arnold O’Byrne (left) and Brian Lenihan.

When Opel signed up as the FAI’s main sponsors in a four-year deal worth £100,000 per year in 1986 it looked like a decent bit of business by the ass(...)

Sleek: the Opel Karl boasts an impressive design with a nicely sculpted finish and its full-size doors give it an edge over its competitors

There may be a regular flurry of ads featuring bright young things enjoying the freedom offered by a new small city car, but the dream doesn’t capt(...)

Germany’s iconic Nürburgring, built in 1927: “The cars have outgrown the track,” said the head of Germany’s racing body, the DMSB. Photograph: Ker Robertson/Getty Images

It has survived war, the Great Depression and losing Formula One, and it even thrived on its reputation as a killer track, but has the Nürburgring see(...)

Manufacturing car components to supply assembly lines around the world is a growing business

What do the decorative trim on the Porsche Macan, the software running the connected car technologies on the Tesla Model S and the air ducts on the(...)