If your house has a shared roof with other members of an owners’ management company scheme, any alterations would be an issue, as a roof is part of the common areas as prescribed in the Multi-Unit Developments Act

Q My wife and I bought a house in a private development about three years ago. The building company went bust and the houses were sold at a very big d(...)

Neighbours in an apartment development are contractually obligated to pay their service charges by way of their binding lease agreement that they entered into with the owners’ management company

Q I own a ground floor apartment in a small town in Co Mayo. I have lived here for nearly nine years and have paid the service charge every year. The (...)

A new survey from the Society of Chartered Surveyors claims that 70 per cent of property managers are seeing an annual increase in service charge arrears

Owners management companies (OMC) in apartment blocks and multiple unit schemes have been badly hit by the property downturn, and concern is growing t(...)

Mice look for food and shelter most frequently in colder months
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Q Our apartment complex is supposed to have 244 units but I notice from the list of owners that three (...)

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QI refer to the article in Property Clinic on July 11th, about soundproofing. I kept a copy of an earlier article on the same topic and it said the(...)