A barometer than measures Irish people’s attitudes to saving rose to its highest level in March. The Nationwide UK (Ireland) savings index was buoyed(...)

Android Pay will allow smartphone users to take advantage of payment apps provided by banks, credit card providers and retailers to either buy goods in stores or using retailer websites.

Google will launch a mobile payment service for Android smartphones to compete with Apple’s rival system in the UK. Android Pay will allow smartphone(...)

Former chief executive of Irish Nationwide,  Michael Fingleton also changed the interest rate on a loan offer without noting the date of change. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

A loan increase of £10 million (€13m) was approved by Irish Nationwide’s chief executive Michael Fingleton and paid to a customer without sufficient b(...)

“In any event, if you argue for something, no matter how flawed you might privately believe it to be, you are saddled with the blame when things go wrong. It’s called cabinet responsibility.” Photographer: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

Ajai Chopra, head of the IMF’s mission to Ireland during the banking crisis, has once again pointed the finger at the ECB for our bungled bailout (Iri(...)

While Tuesday was Jes Staley’s first official day in the office at Barclays , the veteran American investment banker is understood to have arrived at the bank some weeks ago

It always helps to have some good news on your first day in a big new job, even if you can’t claim the credit for it. So it must have been gratifying (...)

“The annual rate of house price growth has fluctuated in a fairly narrow range between three and four per cent over the past six months.”

British house price growth slowed this month, according to a survey published on Friday which suggested the recovery in the housing market, whi(...)

Draft report of the banking inquiry described as “not fit for purpose”.

At weekends, Government buildings are usually as silent and deserted as the Overlook Hotel in the film The Shining. But one such building, Agricultur(...)

Britain’s biggest customer-owned lender Nationwide said its profits jumped by more than a quarter in its latest six months.

Britain’s biggest customer-owned lender Nationwide said its profits jumped by more than a quarter in its latest six months, driven by record mortgage (...)

The latest survey shows that now is not the time to be robbing the piggy bank

Consumers are feeling increasingly happy about the amount of money they are putting away for a rainy day, according to a new survey. The latest(...)

Nationwide said the imposition of a banking tax by Britain’s finance minister George Osborne would  impact its ability to lend. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Britain’s biggest customer-owned lender Nationwide said a new banking tax will cost the group £300 million (€421.8 million) over the next five years,(...)