The new petite, tall and curvy Barbies standing next to her traditional tiny-waisted, pin-legged figure. Photograph: Mattel/Reuters

Image of the week: Barbie bodies Apparently women come in all different sizes and shapes, and now 57-year-old Barbie does too. From left to right t(...)

An employee adjusts a price tag at a supermarket in Anhui province, China. China is on a relentless drive towards a consumption-led economy, sparked largely by the trends of middle-income consumers

China has 725 million urban dwellers whose household consumption will triple in the 10 years up to 2022, a tantalising figure to conjure with, from th(...)

China, the world’s largest nappy market will nearly triple between 2010 and 2017, from Rmb20bn ($3.3bn) to Rmb57bn ($9.3bn), according to Datamonitor

From toothpaste to ice cream to disposable nappies, modern Chinese life has been transformed by imports. But many of those erstwhile alien products no(...)

Planet business

Image of the week: Clipper crazy “Where do you want to go today?” Two decades ago, Microsoft used to ask Windows users this question all the ti(...)

Spending is up in restaurants as last year saw a return to growth for most types of food service sales, ending a period of decline that started in 2008.

Spending is up in fast-food outlets, restaurants and hotels, a seminar organised by Bord Bia heard yesterday. Its food service specialist Maureen Gaha(...)

World’s biggest yogurt maker acquires  YoCrunch, expanding in the US. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Danone said it bought toppings producer YoCrunch as the world’s biggest yogurt maker expands in the US.YoCrunch, which was founded in 1985, has net sa(...)

Also taking note of the growing Chinese domestic consumption market are the pharmacy giants Alliance Boots and the US firm Walgreen, which recently bo(...)

Ireland should adopt a strategy of developing a world-class agricultural industry by 2016. Photograph: Bord Bia

Ireland should adopt a strategy of developing a world-class agricultural industry by 2016 and set itself the goal of becoming the most e(...)