Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche said the Maybach brand would show up other than just on the S-Class

Having just launched the ultra-luxurious version of the S-Class saloon bearing the Maybach name, Mercedes is planning to take its once-moribund sup(...)

Elon Musk: he expects the lack of clear regulations covering self-driving cars could delay their introduction until 2022 or 2023

Google has begun discussions with most of the world’s top auto-makers and has assembled a team of traditional and non-traditional suppliers to speed e(...)

From left: Martin Luther King III and Dexter Scott look on as Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King III, shakes hands with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Photograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

When Martin Luther King dreamt, he wished for a world of equality where the content of one’s character would trump the colour of one’s skin. An ugly s(...)

While not reaching boomtime peaks, sales of Mercedes and other luxury cars increased significantly last year. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The luxury car market is by no means back to boomtime peaks, but it is on the rise again, and last year saw sales of high-end brands recover significa(...)

Mercedes-Benz, which pioneered the luxury offroader with the boxy G-Class 36 years ago, is now adding curves to its SUV lineup with the new GLE coupe.(...)

VW’s new Passat comes with a starting price of €27,295

Volkswagen has just launched the new Passat saloon and estate onto the Irish market, with prices starting from €27,295 for the most basic 1.4 TSI petr(...)

Jaguar is set to launch a new SUV, called the F-Pace, and based on the C-X17 concept (above)

Jaguar is set to confirm the launch of its first ever ‘performance crossover’ car - an aluminium-bodied sport utility vehicle designed to move the pre(...)

David Drumm faces financial ruin. However, given the judge’s findings, he has only himself to blame for failing – as the former banker himself described the US bankruptcy process – to “get naked in public” by disclosing everything about his finances to the court. File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

It wasn’t the decision by a US bankruptcy judge to leave former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm on the hook for €10.5 million in debts th(...)

David Drumm: US Bankruptcy Judge Frank Bailey has found that the former banker and his wife were ‘motivated first and foremost’ by a desire to shelter their assets from seizure by Mr Drumm’s creditors, especially Anglo.

It wasn’t the decision by a US bankruptcy judge to leave former Anglo Irish Bank chief David Drumm on the hook for €10.5 million in debts that was so (...)

Pre-reging can drive down used car values

While we celebrate the end of a much-improved year for new car sales, and anticipate the boom in new car sales in 2015, it’s quite likely that as m(...)