IDA Ireland chief executive Barry O’Leary has welcomed the decision by AlienVault and Internal Results Ireland to create new jobs

A total of 60 new highly skilled positions are to be created by IDA Ireland-backed companies in Portlaoise and Cork city. Internet security res(...)

The world’s biggest economies bore the brunt of the losses, the research found, with the toll on the United States, China, Japan and Germany reaching $200 billion a year in total

Cybercrime costs the global economy about $445 billion (€326 billion) every year, with the damage to business from the theft of intellectual property (...)

Cork 0-18Antrim 1-12 Cork’s hurlers escaped Ballycastle with full points in yesterday’s clash, but hosts Antrim wi(...)

Internet criminals, security experts say, are attracted to bitcoin because of its stratospheric rise in value. Photograph: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Criminals may already have made off with up to $500 million worth of bitcoins since the virtual currency launched in 2009 - and you can double (...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel wants to have European data managed within Europe, by European firms subject to more stringent EU data protections. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

Organisations are grappling with how to address concerns about privacy in the wake of dat(...)

Niall McCormick and Colmán Munnelly, founders of Irish educational technology start-up Colmac Robotics

You are hungry and tired and in need of dinner. You relay this message via iPad to Herb. He goes to the freezer, takes out a ready meal, microwaves it(...)

Michael DeCesare, president, McAfee. photographs: eric luke

When you operate the world’s largest computer security company, the scale of the challenge you face is daunting: “It’s asymmetrical warfare – we have (...)

Some 53 per cent of teenagers surveyed admitted to deleting their browser history in order to hide their online activities from their parents. Forty-nine per cent viewed online content away from home for the same reason.

Irish parents are not fully aware of the extent to which their children may be accessing inappropriate online content, new research shows. The (...)

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Image of the week: Nobel pride Robert Shiller had a lot to be proud of before any committee for the Nobel economics prize got involved, but still(...)

Business presentation: technologies are being developed that will search the web and create a presentation for you regardless of your degree of ignorance of the subject matter

It is the worst nightmare of almost every busy business executive. A few hours before a vital meeting, they are told they have to make a presentation (...)