John O’Dwyer, chief executive of VHI. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Health insurance firm VHI has entered the life insurance market, under the VHI Life brand. The move comes after the Central Bank granted it authoris(...)

Alex Duncan: “In general, our customers keep us away from any political tensions,” he said. “We have business through the Middle East and we were deploying systems through the Arab Spring.”

Irish telco Openmind Networks has agreed a deal with Ukrainian mobile operator Life that will use the Irish firm’s service to deliver bulk applicatio(...)

Bodywhys: the organisation highlights body image and self-esteem, helping to explore and challenge media stereotypes of beauty

Accord The Catholic marriage counselling agency runs the largest RSE school programme in Ireland. Last year Accord visited about 400 primary and secon(...)

Brad Feld: "The long-term highest priority is to have a good life, with room for both love and work"

The pressures associated with starting and growing a business often put huge strains on personal relationships, including marriages. The enterp(...)