Leica X-U Adventure cameras just got a top-of-the-range competitor. Okay, so you might not risk fixing Leica’s new X-U to the end of your surfboard, (...)

Matt Jacobson, one of Facebook’s first employees and now its head of market research, on the roof of his home in Manhattan Beach, California. Photograph: Elizabeth Lippman/The New York Times

In 2005, Matt Jacobson was 44 and looking for a new job after leaving Quiksilver, the surf brand. A friend suggested that he meet with an unknown star(...)

Leica cameras have captured iconic images such as children fleeing after a napalm attack in Vietnam

Few other brands have shaped and influenced the last 100 years of photography like German camera manufacturer Leica. Its cameras have captured some of(...)

Google’s modular smartphone initiative, Project Ara, is facing a challenge to “work as a normal-size phone and not have a fridge” in the hand of the (...)