Witness Matt Cullen, a senior manager of Anglo Irish Bank’s treasury department in 2008, arrives at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to continue giving evidence in the trial of four former bankers - John Bowe and William McAteer from Anglo, and Denis Casey and Peter Fitzpatrick from Irish Life & Permanent who are accused of conspiring to mislead investors by using interbank loans to make Anglo appear €7.2 billion more valuable. Photograph: Collins Courts.

Anglo Irish Bank management discussed disguising short-term loans of €750 million from Irish Life & Permanent and keeping them “tight as a duck’s (...)

Former financial regulator Patrick NearyPatrick Neary arriving at the Oireachtas banking inquiry last May. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill.

2008 March 17th: St Paddy’s Day massacre as Anglo shares plummet 30 per cent in price. September 15th: US bank Lehman Brothers collapses. Septe(...)

A worker at a Texan oil rig. Photograph: Brittany Sowacke/Bloomberg

If you ever went looking for evidence to prove that economists, analysts, journalists and so-called expert commentators haven’t a clue what they are (...)

Seven years after the onset of the financial crisis, John Kay recalls the events and offers an analysis of their precipitation. He proposes remedies t(...)

Hugh McCarthy: ‘I’ve made friends with people from many continents but who are, like me, Londoners now.’

In May 2010, as I sat down for a job interview in the English town of Chelmsford, the British general election was reaching its conclusion, and a new(...)

Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

FERDINAND VON PRONDZYNSKI SAYS YES TO FEES ‘We need them to stop the decline of third level’ Not that long ago everything seemed possible. I was(...)

Greenpeace activists demonstrate at the entrance to the Volkswagen  plant in Wolfsburg, central Germany, in November. Photograph: Peter Steffen/AFP/Getty Images

When the world’s second biggest car maker suffers, as it admits itself, the worst tribulations of its 78-year history, then you know that something bi(...)

Ulster Bank’s new chief executive Gerry Mallon told the “Belfast Telegraph” in September: “I need the buzz: the livelier the city, the better.” Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Ulster Bank’s new chief executive Gerry Mallon will be a busy man next June. That’s when he takes up the reins at Ulster Bank’s business in the Republ(...)

Banking behemoths led by HSBC and JPMorgan Chase now know the cost they’ll have to shoulder so the global financial system doesn’t have another Lehman moment. (Photograph: Jeremy Bales/Bloomberg)

Banking behemoths led by HSBC and JPMorgan Chase now know the cost they’ll have to shoulder so the global financial system doesn’t have another Lehma(...)

Republican presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush (left) and Donald Trump look on during a break in the Republican presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado. Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

The third debate in the Republican White House race was dominated not by the runaway leaders – outsiders Donald Trump and retired surgeon Ben Carson –(...)