People who purchase the watch early on Kickstarter will be able to pay $160 for the Pebble Time, which will cost $200 at retail locations later this year.

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch last year, the company chose to do so in the same spaceit showed off the Macintosh computer 30 years earlier. It (...)

Glove-maker Paula Rowan: offered a myriad of ways in which people could back her but did not reach her funding goal on Kickstarter

It’s a phenomenon. Since its launch in 2009, some $1 billion has been pledged to projects ranging from the ridiculous, such as a cat calendar project (...)

Projects on Fundit have a 73 per cent success rate, and 94 per cent of projects come from first-time creators, while 59 per cent of all pledges come from first-time funders.

Fundit, an Irish crowdfunding platform for creative ideas, has reached €3 million in pledges to 1,000 projects. Since its launch in 2011, more than 53(...)

Panti Bliss. Among the rivals Kickstarter has in Ireland is Indiegogo, recently used by filmmaker Conor Horgan to raise more than €50,000 to make a documentary about the Irish drag queen.

There was much excitement among entrepreneurs, inventors and other creative types this week when it was announced that the world’s biggest crowdfundin(...)

Kickstarter categories include film, design, music, journalism and games. Photograph: Getty Images

Kickstarter, the world’s biggest crowd-funding community, launches in Ireland today, enabling people here to seek funding for projects in 15 catego(...)

Rachel Ries: in her early 20s, she ripped herself away from the ‘very, very conservative’ Mennonite community she grew up in and moved to New York

She loves Clonakilty black pudding, makes her own homemade jam to sell at concerts and, for people who helped to fund her album, hand-stitches (...)

Well, the Oscars managed to entertain the interwebs this week. Host Ellen DeGeneres set a new record for most retweeted photo ever with her cel(...)

Tech tools: Torso

Cable snarl is an evitable fact of modern life. Whether its your smartphone or digital camera, portable hard drive or tablet, there are plenty of cabl(...)

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And you thought Justin Bieber was a manufactured pop act. Z-Machines literally is. This band of robots plays their own instruments. They jam harder wh(...)

An Irish technology company has devised a new product to teach people how to relax through games. The Personal Input Pod (Pip) sensor works with smart(...)