Ornua, formerly the Irish Dairy Board, is hoping to hit €3 billion in sales in the post-milk quota era on the back of strong demand for new powdered p(...)

The laws of capitalism that we like to embrace so warmly dictate that being a winner in business usually means turning somebody else into a loser – my(...)

Irish Dairy Board chief executive Kevin Lane said Germany has been the most successful export market for the board, with Kerrygold turnover there surpassing €280 million this year. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The Irish Dairy Board will invest €10.5 million in new facilities in Dusseldorf to support growth of the Kerrygold brand in Germany. The capital expen(...)

Selling a premium product so successfully to price-conscious German consumers is quite an achievement for Kerrygold, but butter in Germany has always been more than just a spread

When The Irish Times asked Germans what they associated with Ireland last year, just 3 per cent mentioned the euro crisis while 11 per cent mentioned (...)

Senators will today break for the summer. A referendum is to be held on the abolition of the upper House on Friday, October 4th. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

As Senators head off for the summer recess they have been urged to include a significant tome in their holiday luggage.Fianna Fáil’s Mary White said E(...)

For its new online campaign targeting the export market, Kerrygold has gone back to its roots – literally.It’s all about Irish grass and the first of (...)