Minister Coveney is joined at the official launch of Irish beef on the US market by two-star Michelin chef, Paris-based Jean Paul Jeunet, and Dublin-born Cathal Armstrong

Irish beef exports to the US are unlikely to hit targets set by Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney until the licence is extended to include mince(...)

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney launching Irish beef in New York: “It is a good start today.”

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney expects other Irish meat producers to follow Larry Goodman’s ABP quickly into the US after the lifting of a 17(...)

Bord Bia and six of the State’s biggest meat exporters are exhibiting their culinary wares at a major food trade fair in Lyon, the gastro capital of F(...)

 Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has asked 35 leading figures in the agri-food industry to work on the 2025 Agri-Food Strategy. Photograph: Eric Luke

An ambitious 10-year plan for the agri-food sector has been commissioned by Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney. He has asked 35 leading figures i(...)

Silence in the slaughterhouse: protests at 14 of Ireland’s largest meat processing plants were intended to put the squeeze on the biggest family-run firms in the sector

Like Neville Chamberlain waving a copy of the Munich Agreement with Germany in 1938, Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney appears to believe he has (...)

Livestock farmers at the start of a 48-hour protest about the price of beef to farmers outside Kepak in Clonee, Co Meath, last weekend. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

CONOR POPE, Consumer Affairs CorrespondentIt would be easy - and maybe even understandable - for most Irish consumers outside of the farming community(...)

Farmers picketing  outside ABP during the IFA-organised 48 hour protest. Photograph: Irish Farmers Association/Twitter

Representatives from the Irish Cattle and Sheep organisation are meeting those from Meat Industry Ireland as part of ongoing talks about beef prices.T(...)

Henry Burns, national livestock chair IFA, and Eddie Downey (centre-right), president IFA, at the 48-hour protest outside Kepak in Clonee. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Beef farmers who began a two-day protest outside the headquarters of Kepak in Co Meath, say they “have nothing to lose” in their dispute with processo(...)

The delegation  alleged that Irish meat factories were manipulating pricing and actively discriminating against livestock marts.

A delegation of marts representatives and farmers has complained to the European Directorate for Competition that meat factories are subverting(...)

APB Food chief executive Paul Finnerty: “There was a suggestion that we were guilty until proven innocent.  Photograph: Eric Luke

It’s fair to say that ABP Food Group does not court publicity. Before the horse meat scandal, the average man on the street would have been hardpresse(...)