Analysts say an easing of geopolitical tensions in Syria and Iran drove the fall in crude oil prices.

A 7 per cent fall in Brent crude oil prices kept energy costs low last month, despite increased wholesale prices for gas, electricity and coal.Analyst(...)

Bord Gáis trader John Heffernan said the oil price spike has coincided with significant supply shortfalls in Libya and Iraq and the potential threat to supplies through Egypt. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Irish energy prices rose 4 per cent last month, as oil supply concerns pushed up Brent crude prices to a six-month high. These concerns arose as a res(...)

European coal prices fell by 9 per cent in June as a result of low demand due to warm weather and steady supply. Photograph: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg.

Electricity and gas prices are slowly receding from the record high levels experienced at the beginning of this year. The Bord Gáis Energy Index, whic(...)