Novusmodus said the decision to sale its stake in the company marked the first realisation of the €200 million fund since its inception in 2009

The ESB’s clean technology investment fund, Novusmodus, has sold its stake in the UK specialist agritech energy services provider Lumicity to the comp(...)

Dr Ivan Coulter of Sigmoid Pharma winning the Innovation of the Year award at the inaugural The Irish Times InterTradeIreland Innovation Awards in 2010 – the company has a lead compound for ulcerative colitis heading into phase three clinical trials

2010: Sigmoid Pharma Inaugural winner with a gut feeling for drug delivery There’s no such thing as an overnight success in t(...)

Intune Networks founder and chief technology officer John Dunne. Photograph: Maxwell

Intune, it definitely was not, at least not with its departing staff. News that Intune Networks was heading into receivership only exacerbated the pli(...)

John McSweeney: “Every industry has suffered from the advent of disruptive technologies; with the exception of electricity, but that can’t last forever. We don’t know what the disruptive technology is going to be, but we know that it’s going to come.”

From the Ardnacrusha hydroelectric scheme in the 1920s to rural electrification a few decades later and to the groundbreaking work of ESB Internationa(...)