While the market share of Irish-owned retail firms has declined, the new entrants, such as H&M, Zara and Ikea, have brought variety and competition to the Irish retail sector, driving down prices

If you walk around the main shopping districts of Dublin, Cork and Galway, many of the shops you see are part of UK-based retail chains, such Marks &a(...)

For someone who is responsible for one of the biggest financial leaks in history and who now faces the prospect of jail, Antoine Deltour is remarkably(...)

INGKA pays Inter IKEA 3 per cent of its turnover to use the brand and IKEA processes

IKEA has a unique structure among major retailers. Founder Ingvar Kamprad (90) put almost all of IKEA’s operations into Leiden-based INGKA Holding, w(...)

IKEA concept needs to change more fundamentally if it is to satisfy growing number of customers requesting IKEA stores

In two medieval Dutch cities, Ikea’s most senior executives are finalising the biggest overhaul at the Swedish-born furniture empire in over 30 years.(...)

The spice market in Istanbul. Why hasn’t the Turkish economy collapsed with an additional approximately 3.5m Syrians within its borders over the last few years? Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Clashes between police and migrants at the Greece-Macedonia border in recent days is proof, if further proof was required, that the EU’s response to t(...)

Cathy Kearney, Apple vice-president for operations based in Cork: “We’ve paid every cent of tax that’s due in Ireland. We don’t feel that there has been State aid.”

The European Commission has sought extra information from Irish tax authorities relating to the ongoing investigation into Apple’s tax arrangements in(...)

Representatives from Apple, Google, IKEA and McDonalds were quizzed by MEPs at a special hearing of the European Parliament’s special committee on tax on Tuesday afternoon in Brussels

Technology giant Apple has strongly defended its tax practices at a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels, claiming it has paid “every cent o(...)

Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist at the IMF, is among the economists who disagree with a lot of recent commentary, and say that “we share a conviction that public discussion of the global economic outlook has run off the rails”. Photograph: Ibrahim Usta/AP Photo

Just about everyone has bought into the idea that we live in a low-growth world. The European Central Bank’s economic worries have prompted more cuts (...)

An Ikea HR manager told the hearing she treated the incident as “gross misconduct” and she followed the gross misconduct protocol as theft in any form was considered gross misconduct. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

Retail giant Ikea sacked a bistro worker in its Dublin shop for drinking a €1.25 milkshake without paying for it, the Employment Appeals Tribunal has(...)

Ikea has committed to paying the living wage to its Irish staff. Photograph: Getty Images

Flatpack retailer Ikea nearly doubled its profit in Ireland last year as homeowners took advantage of the recovering economy. Sales jumped 17 per cen(...)