Dining area after staging: a warm, clean and inviting atmosphere

So you’ve decided to place your home on the market. What is the best course of action to help change that For Sale sign to Sold? After price and lo(...)

Visitors  take pictures of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 during the Mobile World Congress. Photograph:  David Ramos/Getty Images 1:34

Samsung Electronics has built wireless charging into its latest flagship products - the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.The new smartphones were unveiled at Mob(...)

Detail from Thicket by Anthony Lyttle

Thicket – Anthony Lyttle Cross Gallery, Dublin **** Anthony Lyttle was born in Kisumu, Kenya, in 1960, but has spent most of his life (...)

Warm up your patio Make those ventures outdoors a little more hearth-warming with a powder-coated steel Marino outdoor gas fire, 126cm by (...)

kea’s store in Ballymun, Dublin. Having opened 12 stores in 2013-14, Ikea is likely to expand at a similar rate this financial year.

Ikea, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, expects a rise in European revenues to continue this financial year, with its focus on low prices helpin(...)

‘There is no standard template for a good and effective mother.’ Photograph: Getty Images

When you are going to have a baby, no matter how many pregnancy and baby books you read, no matter how many mothering websites you consult, no matter (...)

A still from the new Ikea television advertisement, ‘The Joy of Storage’, which follows ‘a flock of much-loved T-shirts’ on their journey home.

Ikea has a new ad campaign that “celebrates the joy of storage”. There is no National Storage Day, so I suppose someone has got to do it. Doesn’t it g(...)

Photograph: Stephen Davison/Pacemaker

Liam O’Ruairc lives in BelfastMy father, Eamonn, is from the lower Falls Road. He was part of the generation in the North who had access to further ed(...)

Downfall of O’Reilly Sir Anthony O’Reilly was forced to sell of his assets to meet his debts, largely accrued in the fight with Denis O’Brien fo(...)

GoPro Hero 2014 GoPro’s Hero range is the benchmark for all adventure cameras. This is an entry level model (pictured above), but still shoots(...)