Google predicts the best days are still ahead for cloud computing. The pace at which customers are moving their data to the cloud is picking up, and t(...)

Job fair at Donghua University in Shanghai: China has a roaring domestic market in technology.  Photograph: Reuters/Carlos Barria

In the year-end predictions game most technology forecasts tend to be either blue-sky or boring, flights of imagination or a firm grasp of the obvious(...)

Fast-track to IT (Fit), along with further education and training authority Solas and the education and training boards, is to pilot a new ICT assoc(...)

The energy neutral smart beehive created by the UCC students can autonomously monitor the activity of the bee colony and conditions within the beehive. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

A project by a group of University College Cork (UCC) students has won a global competition for using smart technology to help the plight of the humbl(...)

Parked cars: could be used to help locate missing patients, detect gas leaks or improve home security

Researchers at IBM in Dublin are hoping to utilise parked cars to provide a service-delivery system.They say parked cars could be used to help locate(...)

Jay Bregman, founder and former chief executive of taxi app Hailo: a keynote speaker at the ISA software industry awards this week. Photograph: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Jay Bregman, founder and former chief executive of taxi app Hailo, will be the keynote speaker at the ISA software industry awards in Dublin this F(...)

The company also announced a dividend payment of HK$0.06 ($0.0077) per share to stockholders

Lenovo, the world’s biggest maker of personal computers, reported a 19 per cent jump in net income in the second fiscal quarter, but revenue fell sho(...)

Bank of Ireland chief executive  Richie Boucher: to appear before  Oireachtas finance committee today. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Bank of Ireland repossessed 621 owner-occupied or buy-to-let properties in the first half of this year, according to documents submitted to the Oirea(...)

Qstream, an Irish-backed mobile sales enablement and analytics solution spin-out from Harvard has signed up eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutica(...)

The Westin is among a number of propeties acquired by Liberty Global chairman John Malone

Billionaire Irish American businessman John Malone, who owns a number of prestigous properties in Ireland, didn’t just reduce his company’s tax bill w(...)