Annual house price growth accelerated to a 10-month high in February, Nationwide Building Society has reported. The average UK house price stood at (...)

“The annual rate of house price growth has fluctuated in a fairly narrow range between three and four per cent over the past six months.”

British house price growth slowed this month, according to a survey published on Friday which suggested the recovery in the housing market, whi(...)

No explosives were found on board a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Turkey that was forced to divert to Halifax in Canada after a bomb threat, Canadian police said on Sunday. File photograph: AFP/Getty Images

No explosives were found on board a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Istanbul from New York that was forced to divert to Halifax in Canada after a bo(...)

 A much-delayed report into what went wrong in the run-up to the collapse of HBOS has heaped severe criticism on its former bosses. Photograph: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

It’s five years since the plug was pulled on the Bank of Scotland (Ireland) operation by Lloyds Banking Group, having racked up £10.9 billion (€15.53m(...)

Air France Airbus 380, Flight 65, sits on the runway at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Photograph: AFP

Two Air France flights bound for Paris from the US were diverted to Salt Lake City and Halifax, Canada, on Wednesday morning after the airline receive(...)

Police and ambulance vans parked near the apartment being targeted by police in Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris on Wednesday. Photograph: Francois Mori/AP

The Belgian jihadist suspected of masterminding the Paris terror atrocities was reportedly killed when police stormed a flat in the north of the city,(...)

Vieira Ltd had appealed a High Court decision that the raising of VAT assessment was lawful but a three-judge Supreme Court dismissed the appeal. Photograph: Thinkstock

A housebuilding company has lost its appeal over a Revenue Commissioners’ VAT assessment on houses which could leave it facing a bill for €3 million. (...)

UK chancellor George Osborne has described the sale ofLloyds Banking Group  as “the biggest privatisation in over 20 years”. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Next March, seven years after the British taxpayer poured £20 billion of emergency funding into Lloyds Banking Group, the British government will fina(...)

Former Archbishop of Benin Richard Burke pictured leaving the Four Courts on Thursday. Photograph: Courts Collins

A former Catholic Archbishop has told the High Court in Dublin that he had an “inappropriate” sexual relationship with a woman in Nigeria which began (...)

Chives growing in front of the community college in Todmorden, UK, one of the city’s dozen or so public growing spots. Photograph: Anna Polonyi

Take the local train north of Manchester and you will spot a Hollywood- style sign on a hill that says “Kindness” in large white letters. It overlooks(...)