A bite out of Apple

The European Commission (EC) has formed a “preliminary view” that two tax rulings sought by Apple, and agreed by Revenue, amounted to illegal state ai(...)

Seven out of 10 people who work at Google are men. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Google, like many tech companies, is a man’s world. Founded by a pair of men, its executive team is overwhelmingly male, and its workforce is dominate(...)

Google has declined to say how many requests for the removal of links have been received from residents in Ireland.

Google has removed links to an ‘Irish Times’ report on a Dutch teenager who was detained by German police this summer while en route to Syria. It is t(...)

Bumper to bumper: Recent estimates published by LinkedIn show that nearly a third of new residents in the Bay Area region represented “technical talent” and they are pushing up rental prices there. Photograph: George Rose/Getty Images

Those who remember the utterly destitute state of Dublin’s docklands during the 20th century must get some solace from its revitalisation in recent ye(...)

Honda has resprayed its Civic Type-R concept blue but still won’t confirm its power output.

Honda, stung hard by falling sales in Europe (eben as it expands healthily in the US and other global markets) is giving the Civic hatchback a mid-lif(...)

Australian media magnante Rupert Murdoch at the US Open Tennis Championship last month. Photograh: Andrew Gombert/EPA

Google hit back at News Corp for calling it a platform for piracy and an “unaccountable bureaucracy,” in a point-by-point rebuttal that stressed the I(...)

Customers line up in front of an Apple Store to purchase the new iPhone 6 in San Francisco. photograph: justin sullivan/getty images

After a record-breaking opening weekend of sales for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which saw customers queue up around the world to purchase 10 million of (...)

 The new Apple Watch. Photograph: EPA/Apple

Street-savvy readers of a certain age will remember the incongruity of an early rap gig in Ireland: Public Enemy at the Trinity Ball in 1981. Puzzleme(...)

Screengrab from forget.me homepage

French start-up Forget.me, which helps consumers remove information about themselves from Google, has said almost 20 per cent of Irish requests under(...)

The Sunrise Calendar Chrome web app isn’t a calendar so much as a place to pull together things you’ve done as well as yet to do. Working primarily wi(...)