Google, which has a market share of more than 90 per cent for Internet search in some European countries, faces an assault from across the euro zone.

Lawmakers added to Google’s regulatory woes in the European Union after they voted for the EU to consider splitting up search engines. The European Pa(...)

Google is under fire in Europe on two fronts: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Google was under fire on two fronts in Europe yesterday as privacy watchdogs told it to apply the “right to be forgotten” globally and German minister(...)

 Google: grappling with a range of legal issues in Europe

The man behind the European Parliament’s bid to rein in search engines says he’s not out to bash Google Inc. Andreas Schwab, a member of German chance(...)

A grasshopper burger: the UN has been encouraging the use of insects in food, highlighting their nutritional value and affordability. Photograph: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty

It’s always fun to imagine what we might be eating in the future. Will we sit down to meat that has been grown in a lab? Will there will be a bowl (...)

Bill Cosby’s alleged victims’ drunkenness should be irrelevant to the case

Malcolm Gladwell calls it “creeping determinism”: the name for that knew-it-all-along feeling you get when you discover that a public figure, who w(...)

Stanford mathematics graduates and Robinhood founders Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt

Up to half a million people have already signed up for Robinhood’s zero-fee stock trading service, it has raised $16 million (€12.8m) in venture capit(...)

Developing the Dublin docklands into a maritime tourism destination could deliver 1,200 jobs and €36 million investment, Ciaran Flanagan, chairman of (...)

Switch and then keep switching. By changing providers every couple of years, you will knock 10 per cent off your annual costs

Some Irish homeowners will waste as much as €1,200 over the next decade because they can’t be bothered to plug out their televisions, while those w(...)

Social  media enhances our interactions with fellow human beings but also poses great risks. Photograph: Camelia Dobrin/Ikon Images

In the United States, about 30,000 people die each year in road incidents. Roughly the same number are killed by guns. We observe these tragedies and (...)

Pat Kennedy, founder of eTownz

Pat Kennedy describes himself as a social entrepreneur committed to using technology to benefit local communities. An engineering graduate who is fasc(...)