GAA’s annual report for 2014 showed hurling championship income outstripping football championship income for the first time.

Not for the first time the GAA has found itself defending an apparent bias in funding towards Dublin. Figures released in the 2014 financial report s(...)

Prof Dan Breznitz has studied innovation growth economies such as Taiwan, Israel and China. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Prof Dan Breznitz must number among the most internationally eclectic members of Ireland’s broadly defined diaspora.The Israeli native came to reside (...)

Brendan Cunniffe: “We have launched the product in Europe and we are concentrating on a number of key hospitals in Germany.”

A novel medical device developed by Galway-based Apica Cardiovascular has the potential to revolutionise the delivery of different types of medical de(...)

How many students out there have ever seen chalk used in the delivery of education? For that matter, how many adult teachers remember having used chal(...)

“Online education has been around for decades. The thing that has really changed is that we now have the technology for one lecturer to teach a hun(...)

A businessman, whose company is in talks in the United States to secure a multimillion dollar investment in “safe gun” technology, has said he will pr(...)