Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball: changes direction when it hits an obstacle.

We’re always on the lookout for things that will take the endless drudgery out of domestic chores. Check out the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball, wh(...)

Remember that iKettle you could control with your smartphone? Well now there’s a full-blown smart coffee machine. Smarter Coffee is made by the same c(...)

1. Smartphone Projector: €20.49 There is a whiff of the 1970s home movie about this present but we like it all the same. It will transfor(...)

Thermodo: €32

Ever have the burning need to know exactly how warm/cold it is? A temperature gauge in the palm of your hand, Thermodo can help with that. The mini de(...)

What do you get the person who has everything? If they have a smartphone, perhaps this useful wallet. Mighty Power Wallet does exactly what you suspec(...)

LED Camping Tent Light

It’s that time of year again. You will be dusting off the camping gear and checking your airbed for punctures. As far as festival survival goes, the w(...)

Who needs to spend hundreds on a projector? Not people with smartphones, some cardboard and a DIY attitude. The cardboard smartphone projector makes (...)

Cost: €130 You may not have your own robot servant just yet, but the MiP comes a little bit closer. The balancing robot can be controlled by gestures(...)

€99 Motion trackers aren’t just for people you know. A new tracker designed to measure your pet’s activity is now available, so you can see jus(...)

€370 Drones are becoming an increasingly popular sight as the technology improves and the devices get a little cheaper. Parrot, who brought us the AR (...)