SOI handbag light, €25.49

I’ll admit to an eye roll when I saw this one. A huge one. SOI’s handbag light automatically kicks in when you open your cavernous handbag, saving yo(...)

Cardboard Cinema Viewer: €33

Cardboard viewers may be a budget way to dip your toe into the world of virtual reality, but this may be taking things too far. This is the Cardboard (...)

Smartrax S5 Airboard: €809

Move over, Uberboard. The Smartrax S5 Airboard is looking to take over. At £600 (just over €800 at today’s exchange rate), this board will set you bac(...)

Why should your creative lighting streak be confined to inside your house? Playbulb is offering your garden the chance to get in on the act. Its solar(...)

Real world, meet digital world. Digital, meet real. Osmo combines both into an iPad game that’s aimed at children, but let’s be honest, you’ll probabl(...)

While we’re on a virtual reality trip, take a look at this headset. The Immerse Virtual Reality headset will use your very own smartphone to plunge yo(...)

Remember the 3Doodler? The pen unleashed your inner creativity by allowing you to “draw” models in the air, rendered in ABS plastic. You could bring t(...)


The craze for 3D everything may have abated somewhat, but you can be guaranteed that that won’t stop some companies from flogging it to death. And pic(...)

There’s been the tetris lamp, the Rubix cube and the Minecraft Red Stone lamp. Now, you can add another games-influenced lamp to the line-up: the Pac-(...)

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball: changes direction when it hits an obstacle.

We’re always on the lookout for things that will take the endless drudgery out of domestic chores. Check out the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball, wh(...)