Mark Roden, enables people to send mobile phone credit top-up to anyone anywhere in the world. Chief executive Mark Roden spent his early career i(...)

Denis O’Brien: Mr Justice Bernard Barton said he would give his decision in due course

The Revenue Commissioners want the High Court to strike out an appeal by businessman Denis O’Brien brought over a finding his tax return 14 years ago (...)

In closing arguments on behalf of businessman Denis O’Brien in the High Court, Darren Lehane said people would have had to be “living under a rock” not to realise that Mr O’Brien contested vigorously that he was in any way involved with corruption in the matter. Photograph: David Sleator

Allegations of corruption in the process resulting in the State’s second mobile phone licence being awarded to Esat Digifone are of such public import(...)

Ezetop’s service allows people working abroad to instantly top up the mobile phones of friends and family back home through a simple easy to use platform. photograph: akos stiller/bloomberg

“On a cold wet November day in Ireland, running a startup business can be a pretty lonely place,” says Ezetop’s chairman Mark Roden. But the payments (...)

Denis O’Brien. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

  Story   1995 was the year that Denis O’Brien went from relative obscurity to becoming one of the best-known figures in Iris(...)

Sean Corkery: “We should follow the Digicel map. It is in high growth, weak infrastructure markets . . . If we didn’t have the shareholder we have, it would be harder to go there.” Photograph: Eric Luke

In 1997, Sean Corkery got a call from a headhunter acting on behalf of Denis O’Brien. “I didn’t know Denis from Adam,” he says.Corkery was in charge o(...)

Billionaire businessman Denis O’Brien.

An application by billionaire businessman Denis O’Brien to be joined as a defendant to a multimillion euro legal action arising from the award of the (...)

Denis O’Brien says he wants to defend the Persona case alongside the State, even though the consortium is not seeking to sue him, because the group is claiming the licence was awarded to his company as a result of deceit and dishonesty. Photograph: David Sleator

Denis O’Brien’s bid to be joined as a defendant to a multimillion-euro legal action against the State is likely to be adjourned when it comes before t(...)

Mr Justice Michael Moriarty:  more than two years since his final report

Almost 2½ years after it issued its final report, the costs of the Moriarty tribunal continue to accumulate. Over half a million euros was spent on le(...)