Winner: Paddy Crean at this week’s awards ceremony. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

The Silver Surfer awards, which Google and Age Action gave out this week to people in their 60s, 70s and 80s, are proof, if you need it, that the inte(...)

Eircom is becoming as much a media platform as a “pipes and wires” operator
Eircom now renting movies

As Eircom becomes as much a media platform as a “pipes and wires” operator, it’s latest move has been to transactional video-on-demand service. Eirco(...)

Rose Hynes:  chairwoman of  Irish Water

Irish Water Rose Hynes (chairwoman) Ms Hynes is the chairwoman of both Ervia (formerly known as Bord Gáis) and Irish Water, to which she wa(...)

Are you a saver or a spender? I would class myself as both. I religiously save from my salary and always have, and I certainly know how to spend when (...)

In coming years, Eircom will spend much of its time striking content deals with broadcasters, digital media publishers, music companies, newspapers and other such entities. Photograph: Eric Luke

Fitch’s assertion yesterday that the departure of Eircom’s chief executive, Herb Hribar, could damage its credit rating should focus minds in the comp(...)

The ratings agency Fitch has indicated it views the recent departure of Eircom chief executive Herb Hribar as a negative factor that could affect the (...)

Eircom claims a requirement by the communications regulator that it must shoulder the burden of providing fixed phone line connections is unfair.The t(...)

John Hartnett, president of ITLG; Dr Craig Barrett, Chairman, ITLG; Rob Leslie, chief executive, Sedicii Innovations and John Stanton, president of Silicon Valley Global Partners. Photograph: Chris Ryan, Views of the World

Ireland is punching above its weight in Silicon Valley, but it needs to continue to focus on education and fostering entrepreneurship, especially a(...)

 Bill Archer, managing director of Eircom Business Solutions: “We take the logistical hurdle out of the way for companies as the practical realities of securing office space, legal support data centres and networks can be hard.”

Ten start-ups will have the chance to pitch for up to $1 million each as part of a new accelerator programme Eircom Business Solutions is running in (...)

Cumberland House: ready-to-go planning permission in place with consent extended to 2017

With a wide range of developers looking for office sites in Dublin’s south inner city, Savills has shown perfect timing in offering for sale a key de(...)