A wounded Palestinian protester is carried by fellows after he was shot by Israeli troops. Photograph: Mussa Qawasma/Reuters

Israeli security forces on Saturday shot dead two Palestinians aged 12 and 15 in protests along Gaza's border fence, Palestinian medics said, and Isra(...)

Fiskekyrkan (The Fish House) one of Gothernburg’s top restaurants Fiskekyrkan

G ive me a second city any day. They’re funnier and more friendly than a glossy and poised capital. Self-deprecation is the schtick of Gothenburg, (...)

Is it just right? Conor Pope surveys his efforts at Bewley’s Cafe on Dublin’s Grafton Street. Photograph: Eric Luke

I am getting stressed by the orders piling up at my station on my first day as a Bewley’s barista when Goldilocks comes to the counter and nearly t(...)

Foreign and local journalists wait before the start of the trial of the journalists accused of allegedly supporting a terrorist group and spreading false information, outside Torah prison, southern Cairo, Photograph: Mohamed Kamal/EPA

Egypt put three Al Jazeera journalists on trial today on charges of aiding members of a “terrorist organisation”, in a case that human rights g(...)

Onlookers at the site where archaeologists are digging for treasure  secreted beneath the ruins of a 19th-century fort in northern India  after a local holy man claimed dreamt that 1,000 tons of gold was buried there. Photograph: Reuters

Archaeologists began digging for treasure worth more than €37 billion secreted beneath the ruins of a 19th-century fort in northern India yesterday af(...)