Phil Lynott performing on stage in 1976. Photograph: Evening Standard/Getty Images

Leighlin, Clonmacnoise, Ferns, Kells, Bangor, Lismore, Clogher. The centre of the corporation estate of Crumlin was started in the year of the Euchari(...)

Soak from Derry

ANNIE MAC BBC Radio 1 DJ LAPSLEY Eighteen, Scouse, sassy, self-taught: there is nothing not to love about Holly Fletcher. She stayed(...)

BearingPoint Ireland partner Michael O’Dwyer: he  said Irish businesses can forge an entirely new digital environment using technologies like big data and cloud computing.

Irish businesses need to integrate digital thinking into their business model if they are to retain and grow their markets, according to a new report (...)

One of several young British artists to be labelled unofficial poet laureate of the Millennial Generation, this 28-year-old Londoner has forged a repu(...)

Walking On Cars

It’s the night after the Brit Awards, that annual hooley for the British music industry. You’d expect all of those record company big kahoonas who’d p(...)

Video: Records... they haven’t gone away you know

Having survived the rise of cassettes, the 8-Track and CDs, vinyl records are still being made in large numbers. And 2013 is their best year in decade(...)

(L-R) Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon & Ringo Starr of the Beatles, taking a dip in a swimming pool . (Photo by John Loengard//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)
Meet The Beatles
  • Books
  • November 2, 2013, 01:51

As a Beatles scholar, Mark Lewisohn has no serious rival. In books such as The Beatles Recording Sessions and The Complete Beatles Chronicle he took p(...)

Counsel for the defence, an Irish courtroom, sometime in the future: “I submit to you, your honour, that the ‘work’ you see before you is a parody,(...)

David Cameron addresses workers at the Hinkley  nuclear power station

As an island nation with a woefully ill-thought-out energy strategy, Britain has latterly become very switched on to the idea it needs to act urgently(...)

Paul McCartney: New

Paul McCartney’s first collection of originals since 2007’s slightly mournful Memory Almost Full finds him in one of the best shapes of his life. The (...)