The Brewbot: its specially-designed app includes a recipe platform that allows anyone to download or create a recipe so that they can brew a beer of any style

Homebrewing is back in fashion, but anyone who has tried to do it can tell you it’s a cumbersome and complicated process. One company planning to make(...)

€700 In Ireland, there’s one thing we’re not short of: moisture. So when it comes to home devices, you might be more familiar with a dehumidifi(...)

Dyson has been making a name for itself in the cordless vacuum-cleaner market, but it’s also doing some good work with fans and heaters. Its Hot + Coo(...)

You can always trust Dyson to come up with some impressive sounding descriptions of its technology. The latest is “jet focus”, which is apparently wha(...)

A planned expansion for British firm Dyson could have major benefits for Irish engineers as the company plans a major recruitment drive. The firm, whi(...)


Remember the days when cordless cleaners were only good enough for a quick whizz around the sofa cushions to gather up crumbs, or to sort out minor fo(...)

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would have been as excited about a vacuum cleaner as I was about a smartphone, I’d have pitied you. Because you(...)

 Dyson cordless vacuum
Gadgets: Making travel easier
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  • August 3, 2013, 01:00

Dyson Cordless Vacuum What with the crisps, the sand and the crumbs, your average family car or caravan has been shipping some collateral damage in th(...)